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The purpose of this policy is to advise you as our customer, as to the services that can be expected from Koi Nails Spa, the steps, and procedures that can be taken if you, the customer, is not satisfied with the services you received from Koi Nails Spa.


Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges

    If your nails become scratched or mis-shaped we will fix them if you notify the salon at which you received the service within 24 hours of the service.

    You must arrange an appointment to have your nails fix within 7 days after your initial service.

    We will not offer any refund or credit note just because you have simply changed your mind.

    We will redo certain services at no cost to you if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the work that we do, provided that you tell us immediately right after we have performed the service that you are unhappy about.

    As soon as you have walked out the salon doors, that means you have accepted and are happy with the service provided to your nails.

    We will charge you for the cost of any repairs or replacements that we have to carry out because of the damage that you have caused.

For example, due to your own lack of care for your nails, broken or chipped nails because of daily duties, or nails started to lift due to heavy lifting or that they are getting old.

    If you have any questions on how to care for your nails please ask the nail technician.



Please contact a salon coordinator if it appears that you are going to be late to an appointment. If you are expecting to be more than ten minutes late, we cannot guarantee that you get the technician that you want or the services that you booked, but as always, we’ll make every effort to provide the best service possible.


Personal Items

Koi Nails Spa is not responsible for any personal items that have been damaged during services.  Please be extra careful when handling polishes and check if any belongings are left behind.  


What you need to do

To allow us to provide a quality service as efficiently as possible, you need to:

    Ask for the service which you would like to have. If you are unsure please speak to the salon manager.

    Inform our staff if you are allergic to any chemicals or substances before the receiving any service.

    Inform the staff member or salon manager immediately if you have any concern relating to the salon, the staff, or any services.

    Inform the salon manager immediately if you have any concern regarding infection, abnormal reaction, or condition with respect to your nails.

    At Koi Nails Spa, we strive our best to provide high quality service and we treat you with courtesy and respect.

Thank you for your continuing support.


Koi Nails Management.

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